Step 1: Add the following details in the form 


Select the name of the campaign from the drop-down list. 

Group By

Select the metrics you want to see in the report from the drop-down menu. 


The data that you want in the report. 

  • Gross Clicks
  • Gross Conversion 
  • CR
  • Gross Spends

Date Range:

Select the date range as per the requirement of the report. 

Step 2: Click on the submission option that you wish to perform  

Rest: To re-select the fields 

Apply: To get the report 

Export: To download the report 

These are the sub-divisions for the reports that you can choose from 

  • Campaign Name 
  • Campaign ID 
  • Campaign Status 
  • Publisher 
  • Source 
  • Goal Name 
  • Country 
  • City 
  • App Name 
  • Cr Name 


You can filter the reports to get the specified combination of parameters.

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