To add a brand follow the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1: Go to Brand Menu — click on Add Brand

Step 2: Fill in the form that appears on the screen and save it.



Brand Logo

Upload the Brand logo. You can upload the files in the following file types: png, jpg, jpeg.


Enter the name of your brand 

Parent Agency

This will be set by default 

Contact Person 

Enter the name of the point of contact


 The Skype, GTalk or WeChat ID of the point of contact


Enter the mobile number of the point of contact


Select a country from the drop-down list 

State / Region

Fill in your state / Region 


The City of the Agency address

Address Line 1

The street name of the Agency address 

Address Line 2

The 2nd street name of the  Agency address

Zip / Postal Code

The Zipcode of the Agency address

Step 3: Click on save, your brand details will be added in Xerxe

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