Name:  This field is auto-filled 

Parent Agency: This field is auto-filled 

Status: This field is the auto-filled current status of the campaign

User: You can add up to three users 

  • Admin 
  • Manager 
  • Reporting Manager
    1. Current balance: This field displays the current balance of your account. 
    2. Campaign: This displays the number of campaigns that are running currently. 
    3. Country: This field is auto-filled 
    4. Actions: 
      • Edit: Brand Details: You can add/edit your agency details. 

        Connect accounts details: You can edit/update the details of the Admin / Manager / Reporting Manager. 

        Preferences: You can turn on/off the transparency option 

        Fund Details: 

        Current Balance ($)

        The current balance in your account 

        Amount ($)

        The amount of the transaction


        You can add a remark to mention for the process 

Refund: To reset the value 

Add Fund: To process the funds 

Deactivate Account: To deactivate the account tick on the check box and enter on deactivate the account. 

Fund Details: 

You can see the fund details of your brand/ campaign:

These will be auto-filled fields: 

Date: Start date and time 

Email: Email ID of the point of contact 

Mode: Mode of adding the funds 

Amount: Current available balance in your account 

Status: Status of the amount processed 

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