Campaign Details

Enter the campaign details in the form that appears.

Step1: Select from the list of IAB approved categories.

Step 2:  Campaign Title- Default

Step 3: Enter the elaborated KPIs of your campaigns.

Step 4 : Select the MMP- AppsflyserStep 4: Enter The C=Step 5: Add the Click Look Back Window

Step 6: Add the Deeplink Step 7:  Click on continue to move to the next page


The category of the app.

Campaign Title

The Title of the campaign.


Note: This is auto-generated 


The Key Performance Indicators of the Campaign. Note: -Our system will optimize as per your suggested KPI but the billing would be done on paid events.


Mobile Measurement Partners- A third-party attribution company that collects data from marketing campaigns and shows performance.


Note: Right now we are integrated with AppsFlyer, Branch and Adjust. 


The  Unique Identification Value for mapping data on Appsflyer set by app  owners.

Click Look Back Window

The period of time (after an ad is clicked or viewed) within which an install can be attributed, or matched to that ad.

Deep Link

Link to the inner page of the mobile app you want users to open by default.

Impression URL

An Impression URL is a link seen by a user on an app to search and discover content. Note: ​​This field is auto generated as per macros added.

Click URL

Note: ​​This field is auto generated as per macros added.

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