Campaign Details

Enter the campaign details in the form that appears.

Step1: Select from the list of IAB approved categories.

Step 2:  Campaign Title- Default

Step 3: Enter the elaborated KPIs of your campaigns.

Step 4: Select the MMP- BranchStep 4: Enter the App Link

Step 5: Add the Enter the Branch Key

Step 6:  Click on continue to move to the next page


The category of the app.

Campaign Title

The name of the campaign.


Note: This is auto generated 


The Key Performance Indicators of the Campaign.


Note: -Our system will optimize as per your suggested KPI but the billing would be done on paid events.


Mobile Measurement Partners- A third-party attribution company that collects data from marketing campaigns and shows performance.


Note: Right now we are integrated with AppsFlyer, Branch and Adjust. 

App Link 

It’s the  playstore URL


Impression URL: An Impression URL is a link seen by a user on an app to search and discover content.

Note: ​​This field is auto generated as per macros added.


Click URL: Click URL

Note: ​​This field is auto generated as per macros added.

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